A Surprising Link between Taylor Swift and Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason Kelce, Sibling of Alleged Beau Travis Kelce

Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles recently made a humorous remark about rumors surrounding his brother Travis Kelce’s alleged romance with singer Taylor Swift. While he refrained from giving any direct comment on the matter, he did mention that there would be plenty to talk about if the reports are indeed accurate.

Taylor has been a devoted follower of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team for many years. She spent her childhood outside the city before relocating to Nashville as a young teenager. At one of her recent Eras Tour performances, Taylor disclosed that the words “With my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door” in her song ‘Gold Rush’ from the 2020 album Evermore are referring to the football team and not the band.

During a recent performance, the artist responded to speculation about the meaning behind one of her lyrics. The line in question mentions an “Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door,” causing some confusion among listeners as to whether she was referring to the band or the football team. However, the artist quickly cleared up any confusion by stating that, being from Philly herself, it was undoubtedly the football team she was referring to. Interestingly, one of the members of the Eagles football team happens to share the same name as the artist – Jason. He was drafted by the team in 2011 and has played with them ever since, even helping them secure a Super Bowl victory in 2017.

During an interview with retired NFL player Tony Gonzalez on Thursday, September 14, Jason was asked about rumors suggesting that Travis and Taylor were in a romantic relationship. In response, Jason said that he cannot comment on the matter but acknowledged that there has been a lot of curiosity surrounding Travis’ love life since his appearance on Catching Kelce. He also mentioned that Travis is enjoying himself and that time will tell who he ends up with.

During the summer of 2023, rumors began to circulate about a possible romance between Travis and Taylor Swift. Travis himself confirmed the rumors, revealing on his podcast with Jason, New Heights, that he had attempted to give Taylor his phone number via a friendship bracelet when he attended one of her shows. Unfortunately, Travis was unsuccessful in his attempts to reach out to Taylor because she was unable to speak before or after her performances in order to save her voice for the 44 songs she sings during her shows. Disappointed that he did not get to give her one of the bracelets he had made for her, Travis took it personally that Taylor did not want to meet him or any other fans after her shows.

Last week, rumors surfaced that Taylor Swift might have given in to the aforementioned approach. According to reports, she has been spending time with someone in New York City. It’s been a busy year for the 33-year-old singer, as she went on a world tour that broke records, her first in five years. She also confirmed that she had split from her British actor boyfriend of almost seven years, Joe Alwyn. Fans noticed that he was not present at any of the early tour dates, and it was later confirmed that the couple had broken up several months prior.

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