Lisa from BLACKPINK Joins Taylor Swift at The Eras Tour in Singapore, Shares Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Moment on Instagram

The worlds of K-Pop and pop music are coming together once again! Lisa from BLACKPINK made waves when she was spotted at Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour in Singapore.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, known as @lalalalisa_m on Instagram, was seen in the VIP area at the concert, enjoying the show with other Thai K-Pop star Sorn and opener Sabrina Carpenter. Lisa didn’t hide her excitement, filming the performances and dancing along to the music. The next day, she shared about her fun time at The Eras Tour on Instagram, expressing her admiration for the amazing performance with a caption that read, “Had an awesome time at The Eras Tour! Fantastic performance 💘.”

Lisa posted a bunch of photos from that evening, featuring her cute friendship bracelets and some cool shots on the journey to the event.

@lalalalisa_m’s Instagram account features a unique and original content that is sure to captivate followers.

On @lalalalisa_m’s Instagram, the most memorable moment was when she shared a photo from backstage with none other than Taylor Swift. They looked relaxed and comfortable as they posed, with Taylor casually draping her arm over Lisa’s shoulder.

Lisa from BLACKPINK posed for a group photo with Taylor Swift, alongside her squad which also included ex-CLC member Sorn.

Lisa and her friends, with Sorn on the far right, attended Taylor Swift’s “The Era’s Tour” at the National Stadium in Singapore, which has been completely sold out for six consecutive days.

Posted on March 4, 2024 by L0810.

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