“The Surprising Support: Korean Netizens Stand Up for BLACKPINK Amidst Controversial “Coachella 2023″ Backlash”

Music critic Kim Do Heon’s recent reviews of BLACKPINK and LE SSERAFIM’s Coachella performances have caused quite a stir among Korean internet users. His critique of their singing abilities and overall stage presence has ignited a lively discussion among fans and critics alike.

Kim Do Heon from the LA Times critiqued BLACKPINK’s headlining performance at Coachella in 2023, suggesting that the group missed an opportunity to make a significant cultural impact despite their influential position. According to Kim, compared to other artists at the festival, BLACKPINK did not live up to the standards of a headlining act. The use of AR and backing vocals in the early parts of their performance was described as poor, and their dancing was criticized for lacking passion compared to the backup dancers. However, the performance was acknowledged for its grandeur in terms of audience size, stunning visual effects, drone show, and arrangements suitable for a large stage, making it a noteworthy moment.

The harsh critique caused disbelief among online users, who accused the critic of being biased. Many criticized Kim for not being impartial in their assessment. In fact, one person even went as far as suggesting that HYBE – the parent company of LE SSERAFIM – may have influenced Kim’s review of their Coachella performance with monetary incentives.

“Can you believe some people say Blackpink can’t sing? It’s like they are blind and deaf to real talent. Even if their stage setup may not be the best, the members themselves are incredibly talented. Critics are so biased, it’s like they are all teaming up against Blackpink. It’s ridiculous. Why do they hate on them so much? It’s like they’re always picking on Blackpink. Maybe they should spend more time working on their vocal training instead of bashing others.”

Why do you hate BlackPink so much?” – Korean netizens defend BlackPink from harsh criticism after Coachella 2023.

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