Unexpected Twist: BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s Jin Collaborate in a Surprising Ramen Promotion Strategy

Jennie from BLACKPINK was recently seen promoting ramen with another idol, but the outcome took a hilarious and surprising turn.

Ever since her debut, Jennie from BLACKPINK has become the top choice for brands looking for someone to represent them as their ambassador. Whether it’s Chanel, Calvin Klein, or any other brand, Jennie is the go-to person.

Username: @jennierubyjane on Instagram

Username jennierubyjane on Instagram

On her Instagram, Jennie seems to be endorsing ramen these days, with a surprising twist. Interestingly, K-pop star Jin from BTS is famous for his association with a well-known ramen brand as the face of “Jin Ramen.”

A recent photo shared by a fan showed posters of various ramen brands, including one featuring BTS’s Jin endorsing “Jin Ramen.” Netizens were surprised to see Jennie also on the poster, but BLINKs quickly pointed out that it was not an official endorsement and just a random photo of Jennie at a shop in the Philippines.

Surprisingly, the picture of Jennie didn’t capture her enjoying a bowl of ramen. Despite posing with a cup of ramen, the idol was actually savoring some tasty dumplings.

Even though the ramen brands were easily distinguishable, online users were still taken aback by the use of Jennie to promote a convenience store brand without any official endorsement, and the photo used was just a random one of her enjoying the food. It’s clear that Jennie continues to display her incredible influence, and even though it might not be entirely permissible, BLINKs can’t help but find it amusing.

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