The BVLGARI Affair: A CEO’s New Ink solidifying her place at LLOUD

BLACKPINK member Lisa has proudly revealed her new tattoo, exuding confidence and owning her role as a CEO.

Lisa from BLACKPINK, known as @lalalalisa_m on Instagram, has recently started displaying her new tattoos on stage and in magazines, despite previously not having any.

Lisa has made more than just one change recently. Following her departure from YG Entertainment to focus on her solo career, she revealed the exciting news of establishing her own company called LLOUD.

It appears that Lisa has taken her love for tattoos and combined it with her connection to LLOUD, as fans have now caught a glimpse of the final result. In February, a tattoo artist posted a photo of a tattoo featuring the word “LLOUD” in elegant cursive script. Given the timing and the inclusion of the company’s Instagram account, it didn’t come as a shock to fans who immediately linked it to Lisa.

When fans speculated that the tattoo was dedicated to Lisa, there was no official confirmation yet. However, they finally got the chance to see the idol with the tattoo at the BLVGARI Studio event in Seoul on March 14. Lisa looked stunning in a stylish little black dress, clearly demonstrating her mesmerizing beauty and perfect figure.

During an up-close shot of the idol, fans spotted a fresh tattoo on her ankle, the infamous “LLOUD” design that was rumored to belong to Lisa. The tattoo was tastefully done, reflecting her unique style and also representing her company’s branding.

After sharing the images online, people on the internet were thrilled to get a proper look at the CEO’s tattoo. The fact that she got it at a BVLGARI event, where she serves as an ambassador, just adds to her “BOSS” persona.

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