“Gal Gadot: Igniting a Fire of Change and Disruption”

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Gal Gadot, wearing a FERRAGAMO dress and TIFFANY CO. cuffs, appears on our video call after finishing a workout session at the gym. Despite her disheveled look, she looks stunning as always. Gadot is a delight to talk to, with her infectious laughter and fun personality. She believes that entertainers should not take themselves too seriously, as it takes the fun out of everything. Gadot’s daily training sessions were handy for her latest film, Heart of Stone, where she plays a secret agent for a mysterious organization called ‘The Charter.’ In this action-packed movie, Gadot can be seen performing various stunts like gliding down a snowy mountain, diving off a high cliff, and parachuting into the desert. Gadot mentions that every time she finishes shooting an action film, she thinks it can’t get any more physically demanding, but then the next one proves her wrong. For Heart of Stone, the physical demands were even higher than before, with stunts ranging from fighting in the air to diving into the sea and chasing mountains.

In a recent interview, actress Gal Gadot discussed her experience doing stunts in films. While she admits to doing “a lot” of stunts herself, she acknowledges that some are simply not possible for her to do. She even humorously questions other actors who claim to do all their own stunts, except for Tom Cruise, who she believes truly does all of his own. Gadot emphasizes the importance of celebrating and recognizing the hard work and dedication of stunt teams, who often go unnoticed in the industry. She considers her own stunt team to be like a second family and credits them with making actors look like the best version of themselves. Some members of her stunt team have worked with her since her breakthrough role in the Fast Furious franchise and continue to work with her on her Wonder Woman films. In addition to her acting roles, Gadot has also set up a production company with her husband.

Wearing a top and pants from Bottega Veneta, along with her own earrings, Gadot talks about her background as a teenager, where she studied dance, a skill that helped her to master complex stunt choreography. During her compulsory national service, she worked as a trainer in the Israeli military. While studying law at university, she also worked as a model and won the Miss Israel title in 2004. Gadot left university after receiving an offer to star in the Fast and Furious franchise, which became a turning point in her career. Despite her character being seemingly killed off in an earlier film, she made a surprise return in Fast X, which delighted her fans. Gadot admits that the series remains close to her heart due to the love from fans, and she is excited to be part of it again.

Gal Gadot credits the “Fast” franchise for paving the way for women to be celebrated equally with men in action sequences and diversity in casting. According to her, when she started out, there was a shortage of both in Hollywood. She explains that “Fast” allowed women to drive and not just sit at the back, which was a significant step towards gender equality. Similarly, the franchise was also the first to feature a global cast, which brought in talent from different parts of the world. In her latest project, “Heart of Stone,” which Gadot produced, women lead the action, and it was essential to have characters that weren’t just carbon copies of male action heroes. The goal was to build a strong female character and tell the story from her perspective, informed by her experiences as a woman.

Gal Gadot was decked out in PRADA clothing and a TIFFANY CO. necklace during an interview where she discussed her recent foray into producing female-led action movies. The success of Wonder Woman gave her and her husband the confidence to pursue this genre, which she has always been drawn to. Despite rumors that there may not be a third installment, Gadot recently spoke with James Gunn and Peter Safran, who assured her that Wonder Woman 3 is in development and that she will be a part of it. Gadot believes that films like Wonder Woman have helped shift the industry towards trusting female filmmakers with big-budget projects, citing Patty Jenkins, Kari Skogland, Greta Gerwig, and Alma Har’el as examples of talented women directors.

Gal Gadot discusses the progress Hollywood has made towards gender equality in the post #MeToo era, but acknowledges that there is still work to be done. Despite being offered a mix of scripts, Gadot is determined to work on projects where female characters are well-written and developed, rather than defined solely in relation to men. This includes her upcoming role as Cleopatra, where Gadot hopes to show a different side to the legendary figure that focuses on her abilities as a leader. The film is being given the time and care it deserves, with talented writers like Laeta Kalogridis working on the script. As someone who frequently works with writers through her production company, Gadot sympathizes with those currently on strike in the US and hopes for a fair deal.

Gal Gadot, the actress, writer, and producer, is also a proud mother to three wonderful girls. She acknowledges that being a working mother comes with its own set of challenges, including feelings of guilt. However, Gadot believes that it’s important to accept that perfection is unattainable and instead focus on doing one’s best as a mother and pursuing personal interests. She’s proud that her daughters have started to recognize their mother’s accomplishments in Hollywood, but they still don’t listen to her like any other kids. Gadot credits her husband, Jaron, for giving her the courage to pursue acting and travel with her. While her parents were initially skeptical about her career choices, they’re now her biggest fans.

Gal Gadot is wearing a dress from Dolce Gabbana and shoes from BY FAR. Although she misses her home, she stays connected with her family through video calls. In January, she participated in a narration project related to her family history. Director Steven Spielberg and his Righteous Persons Foundation asked her to narrate a video for the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland. Gadot’s Jewish grandfather was a teenager when he was incarcerated in the concentration camp with his mother and brother, both of whom died there. Gadot’s great-grandfather was killed in the war, while her grandfather survived.

Gadot found it emotional to work on the project and thought about what it would have meant to her grandfather. He did not speak about Auschwitz until after her grandmother passed away, and then he talked about it to visitors at the camp. She remembers visiting Auschwitz as part of a school trip when she was a teenager. The project made her emotional because she was now the voice that people would hear as they walked around the camp.

Gadot believes all wars should stop and people should communicate to find solutions. She thinks people forget what happened during World War II, and projects like the narration are essential to remind them. She wants peace in the world so that children can grow up safe and happy. She intends to talk about her family history with her children through school and educational videos.

Gadot, who is known for her role as Wonder Woman, is very careful when it comes to choosing roles, considering the impact her choices will have on her children and future generations. As a role model for many young girls around the world, she wants to take on more roles where women are the main focus. Despite the responsibility that comes with being a role model, Gadot focuses on the character and story of the movie she is in, and feels lucky to be able to play such inspiring characters. She believes there is still a long way to go when it comes to equality and representation of women in movies, and hopes to see more girls and boys inspired by female characters. Although she had to decline an offer to appear in the new Barbie movie due to scheduling conflicts, she was touched by Margot Robbie’s comments about her being a good fit for the role and looks forward to seeing the final product.

Gal Gadot, the actress known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman, has been busy with several exciting projects lately. She recently played the Evil Queen in a new musical adaptation of Snow White and is also working on a present-day version of Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief with her production company. Additionally, she is preparing for the premiere of her movie Heart of Stone, which she developed with her husband and could potentially spark a new franchise. Gadot is proud of her work and hopes to have a positive impact on the world through her roles.

Anthony Vaccarello’s collection for Saint Laurent is featured in this photoshoot, which includes a jacket, top, skirt, shoes, belt, gloves, Calzedonia tights, and earrings provided by the talent. The shoot was captured by Greg Swales at AGPNYC and styled by Karla Welch at the Wall Group, with Liz Aubrey writing about the experience. Hair was done by Dimitris Giannetos at Opus Beauty, makeup by Tyron Machhausen at the Wall Group, and nails by Tracy Clemens at Star Touch Agency using Dior Vernis. The photo team included Juliet Lambert, Yolanda Leaney, and Maya Sacks, with Meredith Munn as the digital tech and Mui-Hai Chu as the creative producer. Set designer Isaac Aaron, production coordinator Chloe Cussen, stylist assistants Grace Wrightsell and Jamie Spradley, and production assistants McKenna Matus and Cerys Davies all contributed to the production of this shoot, which took place at Dust Studios.

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