“Behind the Scenes with Selena Gomez: A Peek at Her Stunning Locks in Boyfriend Music Video”

Selena Gomez recently shared a glimpse of her stunning hair in a behind-the-scenes photo from her latest music video, Boyfriend. The talented 27-year-old singer and actress, who has dated famous men such as Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, made headlines for turning men into frogs in the video. She posted the photo on Instagram, where she can be seen pouting while taking a selfie in what seems to be her dressing room.

Looking fab: Selena Gomez played with her luscious locks in a new behind-the-scenes snap from her Boyfriend music video

Selena Gomez looked absolutely stunning in a recent Instagram selfie where she was seen playing with her gorgeous hair. The photo was taken during the filming of her music video for “Boyfriend,” where she was wearing the dress that she dons in the scene where she transforms her date into a frog. To do so, Selena’s character spikes her companions’ drinks, which causes them to rapidly transform into the amphibians.

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