Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Debuts Red Carpet Look at Eternals Premiere Alongside Siblings

Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, made a stunning debut on the red carpet at the Eternals premiere in Los Angeles. The 15-year-old, who typically opts for slacks at public events, surprised everyone by wearing a lovely tan hanky hem dress. She paired it with white leather ballet flats and gold anklets. Shiloh was joined at the event by her siblings Maddox, Zahara, Vivienne, and Knox, though Pax was not present. This marks the first time Shiloh has worn a dress on the red carpet, and she looked absolutely beautiful.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, is known for wearing slacks on the red carpet. However, at the Eternals film premiere in Los Angeles, the 15-year-old surprised everyone by modeling a dress. Last year, Brad Pitt expressed his pride in Shiloh and who she had become as she celebrated her fourteenth birthday. He loves that she always stays true to herself and is kind to her siblings. Angelina has previously spoken about Shiloh’s androgynous dress sense, revealing that her daughter considers herself to be “one of the brothers” and likes to wear boys’ clothing. She even coined the term “Montenegro style” to describe Shiloh’s fashion sense, which involves tracksuits and suits, similar to how people dress in Montenegro.

Angelina and her kids, Maddox, Vivienne, Zahara, Shiloh, and Knox, graced the red carpet of the Dolby Theatre ahead of a film screening. Interestingly, in 2008, Brad revealed that Shiloh, at the age of two, wanted to be called John. He added that she also likes being called Peter, which he attributed to her fascination with Peter Pan. As cute as it may seem to parents, Brad acknowledged that it might come off as obnoxious to others when they address her as John.

Shiloh, daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, looked absolutely stunning in a tan hanky hem dress along with white leather ballet flats and gold anklets. Born in Swakopmund, Namibia in 2006, Shiloh’s fashion sense is reminiscent of her mother’s style. When Shiloh requested to change her name, Angelina clarified that there was no need to read too much into it. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Angelina explained that Shiloh prefers to dress like a boy, cut her hair short, and even asked to be called John for a while. However, Angelina emphasized that Shiloh’s personality is much more than just her fashion choices and that she is a funny, sweet, and pretty girl who simply loves wearing ties.

Dressed to Impress: During the 45th Annual Annie Awards premiere at Royce Hall in LA in 2018, Shilo was seen wearing a smart black suit while her mom donned a shimmering gold dress and her sister Zahara sported a chic black outfit. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed Shiloh, their first biological child, into the world in Swakopmund, Namibia back in 2006. The young teen is currently being home-schooled alongside her siblings and is interested in learning more about her African heritage. According to her mother’s interview with Vogue, Shiloh enjoys engaging in activities such as painting and cycling. Despite her young age, Shiloh is already a seasoned pro on the red carpet and has graced many high-profile events such as the premieres of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Dumbo, and Kung Fu Panda 3. However, unlike most celebrities, Shiloh prefers to keep it casual by wearing jeans, slacks, and hoodies while attending these glamorous occasions.

In a relaxed and casual manner, it can be mentioned that Shiloh, along with her siblings, showed up to support their mother Angelina at the premiere of Eternals. The movie features Angelina in the role of fierce warrior Thena, who has the ability to create any weapon using cosmic energy. She made quite a fashion statement with her bold gold chin cuff, adding more glamour to her already stunning look. Eternals revolves around immortal beings with superhuman powers living on Earth secretly and is set for release in November. Along with Richard Madden, Kit Harington, and Don Lee, the film also stars Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, and Lauren Ridloff as superheroes.

Angelina Jolie’s kids, with the exception of her 17-year-old son Pax Thien, respectfully gave their mom some space to take photos at a recent event. Despite being a part of the Marvel universe, Angelina’s children don’t discuss her character much but rather find their mother amusing. One person recently joked that while Angelina can fly planes and make appearances at the United Nations, she struggles with cooking eggs. However, dishes are one domestic task that she doesn’t mind doing. Being a very hands-on mother, Angelina even changed diapers and reflected on the time when she used to get peed on a lot during diaper changes.

Putting family at the forefront! The clan appeared joyful as they gathered together for photographs while snuggling up on the crimson carpet.

Jolie and her blended family were thrilled to dress up and enjoy her latest film together. When it comes to her parenting style, Jolie strives to instill in her children the importance of being true to themselves and holding onto their inherent power, despite the challenges that may come their way. Although almost all of Jolie’s children attended the special event, her teenage son Pax was absent. Jolie shares her six children with ex-husband Brad Pitt, with whom she is currently involved in a contentious divorce battle. Recently, Jolie sold her 50% stake in the vineyard she co-owned with Pitt, which he viewed as a vengeful and obstructive move. The sprawling estate, where the couple tied the knot in 2008, is now valued at $164 million. Fans can catch Jolie in action in the upcoming release of Eternals, hitting US and UK cinemas on November 5, 2021.

Get ready for the upcoming release of Eternals, hitting theaters in the United States on November 5, 2021. Mark your calendars and get excited for this highly anticipated film.

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