Selena Gomez Finds It Weird That There Are Many Similarities Between Her and Lily-Rose Depp’s Character in The Idol, and is Annoyed that The Weeknd is Using Her Emotions for Entertainment Purposes.

Selena Gomez, who dated The Weeknd for 10 months in 2017 and ended the relationship to rekindle her romance with Justin Bieber, is reportedly unhappy about how her real-life pain is being used for entertainment in his HBO show, The Idol. According to a source close to Selena, there are many uncanny similarities between the main character Jocelyn and Selena’s own life. The insider revealed that everyone on Selena’s team is dumbfounded by this but she will rise above it and move on as she always does.

Selena Gomez, 30, believes that her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd is 'using her real-life pain for entertainment' in his controversial HBO show The Idol, a source has revealed to

The insider said that Selena is 'irked' by the many 'uncanny similarities' between Lily-Rose Depp's character Jocelyn and her own life

According to an anonymous source, Selena is reportedly bothered by the striking similarities between her own life and Lily-Rose Depp’s character Jocelyn in the controversial HBO series The Idol. In the show, Lily-Rose plays a pop star named Jocelyn whose life changes drastically after meeting nightclub owner and cult leader Tedros, played by The Weeknd. Even those who haven’t seen the series can observe the clear parallels between Selena and Jocelyn’s struggles, as both have experienced personal and mental health-related issues while achieving success as child stars. Additionally, both Selena and Jocelyn have displayed similar mannerisms such as blowing kisses to their fans, and are known for their connection with their adoring supporters. Despite the subtle similarities, Selena is reportedly irked by the fact that her personal life has been so obviously mirrored in the series.

Selena (at a 2013 premiere) and Jocelyn have similar mannerisms, one of them being blowing kisses, which Selena has been photographed doing dozens times throughout her career

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In The Idol's episode two, Lily-Rose's fictional character ends a video shoot by blowing a kiss directly at the camera

Selena and Jocelyn share some similarities in their behavior such as blowing kisses. However, there are also darker similarities between Selena and her ex’s created character. In 2015, Selena received backlash for going topless on the cover of her album “Revival”. She responded to criticism by saying that she wouldn’t let them get to her. In the premiere episode of Jocelyn’s show, she had to fight for the right to do a topless album cover, insisting that it was her body. In 2016, Selena faced a mental breakdown due to being overworked and being diagnosed with Lupus and had to enter a psychiatric facility. Similarly, Jocelyn also had a mental breakdown and had to cancel her tour after her mother passed away. After being treated, her team expressed concern about another psychotic break. After both women were released from treatment, Selena’s first gig was a video shoot for her song “Bad Liar” where she was dressed in lingerie with her hands tied in bondage and was told to keep her hospital bracelet on.

Jocelyn (in a scene from The Idol greeting fans) was forced to cancel a tour due to having a mental breakdown on the show following the passing of her mom

Jocelyn had to call off her tour after experiencing a mental breakdown on The Idol, where she greeted fans. The cause of her breakdown was the death of her mother.

Selena (with her real-life adoring fans in 2019) was forced to cancel her Revival tour after suffering a mental breakdown following her Lupus diagnosis

Selena, who had to cancel her Revival tour due to a mental breakdown following her Lupus diagnosis, is featured in an upcoming episode of the controversial series ‘The Idol’. In a shocking revelation, Jocelyn, a member of Selena’s team, was asked to wear a hospital bracelet for a photoshoot to make her more relatable to fans. Selena’s relationship with The Weeknd began in early 2017, but she kept a low profile while dealing with her health and personal issues until their split in October of the same year. Shortly after their breakup, she was seen spending time with Justin Bieber, leading many to question if she had ended her relationship with The Weeknd before seeing Justin again. While The Weeknd has not publicly addressed the situation, he has used his music to express his feelings towards Selena, including lyrics that suggest he was willing to donate a kidney to her.

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The Weeknd and The Idol have faced criticism from Selena Gomez’s fans on Twitter. Some fans have drawn parallels between The Idol’s character Jocelyn and Selena, as well as noting that Tedros has a cult similar to the church Selena attended. The HBO series has been labeled as “torture porn” due to its explicit content. Despite these criticisms, The Weeknd has stated that the sex scenes are not meant to be overtly sexy. While the show’s fate remains uncertain, The Weeknd hinted at a potential second season by sharing photos from the finale on Instagram. In an interview, actress Da’Vine Joy Randolph expressed hope for a second season.

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