Matt Damon’s Honest Thoughts on Kissing Scarlett Johansson and the Unexpected Challenges

Matt Damon recalled a less-than-enjoyable moment when he had to smooch Scarlett Johannson after she downed a stinky sandwich while filming the 2011 movie “We Bought a Zoo.”

“I had to kiss Scarlett Johansson — can you imagine how horrible that was for me? It was hell!” he recalled during a recent interview with LADbible.

“What happened was, we did a shot before lunch and it was this nice little two-shot that ended in the kiss. And it was really good.”

Thinking they were done with the kissing portion of their filming day, the two actors went for lunch where the “Nanny Diaries” actress, 38, ingested a pungent hoagie.

“She and I both thought it was over,” Damon, 52, said, adding, “She ate, like, an onion sandwich.”

But unbeknownst to them, the stars had to pick up where they left off and film the lip-locking scene once again after they returned from break.

Matt Damon during his LadBible interview.Matt Damon didn’t enjoy kissing Scarlett Johansson while filming a movie scene years ago.Matt Damon during his Ladbible interview. “It was hell!” he admitted.

“She came in, and [director] Cameron Crowe had set the camera up, and it was like a tight shot of the kiss. She goes, ‘Ah s–t! I literally just had an onion sandwich!’” Damon recalled.

The “Oppenheimer” actor said he was “making fun of her” the whole time about her “onion breath” but noted that it was all in good fun.

“Her breath smells like roses!” he insisted.Scarlett Johansson in a striped dress.Damon and the “Black Widow” actress had to kiss for their film after she ate an onion sandwich.Scarlett Johansson in a white dress.The “Air” star said he made fun of her bad breath the entire time they shot the scene.

This isn’t the first time Damon has made headlines for divulging his on-screen kissing experiences.

In 2021, Damon and close pal Ben Affleck revealed that they were originally supposed to kiss in their movie “The Last Duel” but the scene ultimately got axed.

Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson in "We Bought a Zoo." They had been filming a scene for their 2011 movie, “We Bought a Zoo.Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon at the "We Bought a Zoo" premiere.“Her breath smells like roses!” he claimed.

Damon then emphasized, “That would’ve been our first on-screen kiss.”

And in 2012, Damon complimented Michael Douglas’ kissing abilities after they had to make out in their HBO Liberace biopic, “Behind the Candelabra.”

“Michael was a wonderful kisser,” the “Good Will Hunting” star told Playboy that year. “It’s not like I kiss him just once. We drew it up like a football plan.”

The “Ford v Ferrari” star said that they wanted to do a good job with their kissing scene.Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost.Johansson tied the knot with Colin Jost in 2020.Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso.Damon has been married to Luciana Barroso since 2005

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