“K-Pop Sensations BLACKPINK & Dua Lipa Unite on Stage for ‘Kiss and Make Up’ at Newark Concert!”

During the first day of BLACKPINK’s concert in Newark, New Jersey, Dua Lipa surprised the audience by performing with the group for the first time ever. The collaboration was for their song “Kiss and Make Up,” which was released in October of last year. Dua Lipa expressed her admiration for the group and how happy she was to be performing with them. After the show, she took to Instagram to share her love for the group and their friendship. Jisoo also commented on the post, showing her appreciation for Dua Lipa. BLACKPINK posted a video of the performance on their official Instagram account and expressed their gratitude towards both Dua Lipa and their fans in Newark.

Check out these awesome responses from fans after witnessing their collaborative performance!

She looks really happy and cheerful because she had the great opportunity to perform with one of her most admired artists. This makes me extremely happy for her. The hashtag #BLACKPINKinNEWARK was used to accompany the post.

Dua Lipa chose to perform at BLACKPINK’s concert instead of attending the Billboard Awards, which is impressive. It seems that many other fans are also thrilled with this decision, as they adore the group more than the awards. During the performance, Dua Lipa had an outstanding singing moment which left many spectators in awe.

Do you recall when Jenlisa attended Dua’s concert? Now, we have the pleasure of witnessing Dua’s performance at Blackpink’s concert with the ladies! It’s an impeccable display of great music without any hint of competition. Absolutely amazing! #BLACKPINKinNEWARK pic.twitter.com/3lMyPGcWJt

Witness the astounding performance of the phenomenal girl group, BLACKPINK, in their recent concert in Newark, New Jersey. One fan captured a moment of their powerful women vibe and shared it on social media, showcasing their talent and magnetic energy. Don’t miss their exceptional rendition of “Kiss and Make Up” in the video below.

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