“Goodbye Instagram: The Reason Behind Scarlett Johansson’s Social Media Departure”

At one point in time, Scarlett Johansson had an active Instagram account, but eventually she decided to delete the application.

Scarlett Johansson, despite being a celebrity, chooses to stay away from social media. However, it wasn’t always the case. The actress did have an Instagram account, but eventually ended up deleting it due to her anxiety as she found it difficult to keep up with the app.

During an episode of The Skinny Confidential Him Her podcast in April 2023, the popular actress from Lost in Translation revealed that she feels too delicate to handle social media. She explained that her ego and brain are both fragile and that she suffers from anxiety, which makes it difficult for her to cope with the intense pressure of social media. According to her, she had tried experimenting with Instagram once but deleted the app after only three days because she found herself spending too much time stalking a stranger online.

As I was scrolling through the Instagram page of someone who works for my friend, I suddenly realized that I had spent 20 minutes on it already. I learned that this person has a pit bull, two daughters, and lives in Burbank. I couldn’t believe that I just wasted 17 minutes of my life on this. It’s crazy how social media can make us feel like we’re missing out on someone else’s life. I even started thinking about moving to California, getting the same dog, and changing my whole life. But then I realized that I can’t keep doing this. I’m too fragile and anxious about other things.

Johansson admits to utilizing social media platforms for managing The Outset, her skincare brand. However, she tries to limit her usage and not get too caught up in it. She revealed that TikTok can be especially captivating, which is why she refrains from using it for personal reasons.

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