“Gal Gadot’s Bold Move: Tackling Cleopatra Role Despite Wonder Woman Director’s Exit, Proving There’s More to Her Than Meets the Eye”

The incredible journey of Gal Gadot from a young age of 18 has been nothing short of amazing. In the year 2004, she participated in and won the Miss Israel competition which marked the beginning of her illustrious career. Although she initially started as a model, she soon transitioned into acting which proved to be a smart move. Her stunning looks, remarkable talent, powerful presence, and exceptional acting abilities have captivated the hearts of fans all across the globe. It’s no wonder that Gal Gadot has amassed a massive following over the years.

Despite Gal Gadot’s preference for working in various genres of films, her interest in playing Cleopatra in an upcoming movie has sparked a whitewashing controversy. However, the Israeli actress defends the Egyptian Queen, stating that there is so much more to her than just a renowned seductress who would go to great lengths to save her kingdom. Gal Gadot reasons that this project is too personal for her and has been caught in the middle of a heated debate over the casting choice.
When the announcement was made that Gal Gadot had landed the role of Cleopatra, many critics were quick to voice their concerns about Hollywood’s representation of the historical figure. The film became entangled in a whitewashing controversy as many historians believed that the Queen was of mixed ethnicity and had a darker skin color, unlike the Wonder Woman actress who is an Ashkenazi Jew, which some argue makes her more white than a Middle Eastern woman.

Despite controversy surrounding the casting of Gal Gadot as Cleopatra, the actress confirmed in an exclusive interview with Vogue Hong Kong that there will be no changes to the film’s cast. Gadot expressed her admiration for the historical figure, citing how she grew up hearing stories about Cleopatra that made her a household name in Israel, where she is from. The actress even compared Cleopatra to her iconic Wonder Woman character, noting that while Wonder Woman is an imaginary strong female leader, Cleopatra is the real deal. Gadot expressed her excitement for the opportunity to tell Cleopatra’s story, after delving into various books about the fascinating historical figure.

There's so much more to her”: Gal Gadot Risks Scarlett Johansson's Past  Mistake With Cleopatra Movie Despite Wonder Woman Director Dropping Out -  FandomWire

According to her, the Egyptian Queen was commonly known as a seductive woman who engaged in romantic affairs to form alliances that would protect her kingdom. However, during her work on the film, she came to the realization that Cleopatra’s seductive image was largely based on narratives and personal interpretations. She noted that all she had ever seen in films about Cleopatra was her as a seductive woman who had affairs with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. Nevertheless, she pointed out that there is more to Cleopatra than just her seductive image.

Gal Gadot expressed her excitement for playing the role of Queen Cleopatra and emphasized how the historical figure was ahead of her time. She is determined to accurately represent Cleopatra and celebrate her legacy. Gadot acknowledged that Egypt during Cleopatra’s reign was futuristic compared to today’s society. She couldn’t reveal much about the upcoming movie but assured that they have a wonderful script. Gadot is passionate about changing the narrative that Cleopatra was merely a seductress and hopes to share the story with the world.

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In a 2020 interview with BBC Arabic, Gal Gadot expressed her unwavering passion for the role of Cleopatra. Despite the initial search for a Macedonian actress to play the part, none could be found, leading Gadot to take on the coveted role. She emphasizes that she wants to celebrate the legacy of Cleopatra and honor the historic icon that she admires so much. Gadot believes that anyone can make the movie, but she is passionate about portraying the role herself. Scarlett Johansson faced a similar backlash in her portrayal of Motoko Kusanagi/Major Mira Killian in the 2017 live adaptation of the anime and manga, Ghost in the Shell. Fans criticized the choice of a Caucasian actress playing a role traditionally meant for an Asian actress, leading to accusations of whitewashing.

The movie “Ghost in the Shell” featured many Asian actors in supporting roles, but faced backlash due to the casting of Scarlett Johansson as the lead. Director Rupert Sanders explained that he chose Johansson because of her global popularity, hoping to attract an international audience. However, this decision received criticism and the movie only earned $167.9 million at the box office, a disappointing outcome compared to the popularity of the anime and manga.

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