“Gal Gadot shares a steamy moment with Kate McKinnon as they parody Wonder Woman on SNL”

Gal Gadot, who famously shared a kiss with Chris Pine in her role as Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman movies, planted a smooch on comedian Kate McKinnon during an SNL parody of the superhero film. The skit portrayed two lesbian women played by Kate, 33, and Aidy Bryant, 30, arriving on Themyscira, an island inhabited solely by gorgeous women.

Over the weekend, an amusing skit on Saturday Night Live featured Gal Gadot, 32, and comedian Kate McKinnon, 33, sharing a kiss as a parody of the popular superhero film. However, it turns out that neither of the women are actually lesbians, which left them feeling disappointed. Despite this, Gal attempted to comfort the ladies by suggesting that she could kiss one of them to see if there was any spark. The skit continued with Kate and Aidy discussing their disappointment while Gal made her offer to try and “feel something.”

The skit started with the arrival of Aidy Bryant, who played a lesbian character, and Kate on Themyscira Island.

Initially, the women expressed their delight upon reaching the parcel of land designated solely for female inhabitants. Their smiles were evident as they surveyed their surroundings.

Kate and Aidy were feeling let down as they conversed about their unfulfilled expectations. Aidy declined to participate any further, citing emotional attachment as a reason. Kate shared her opinion that they should not be treated like test subjects and Gal shouldn’t experiment with them unless they were willing to. However, she hesitantly stepped forward and Gal kissed her. Unfortunately, the outcome was disappointing as Gal claimed to feel nothing after the kiss. Feeling disappointed, Aidy and Kate made the decision to leave the island and venture to their next stop, the land of Lesbos.

“Perhaps I could attempt to give you a kiss,” Gal spoke softly in an effort to console the women. She expressed her desire to empathize and relate to their feelings.

Gal leaned in to kiss Kate and uttered the words “I’m sorry”, but immediately afterward she confessed that she didn’t feel any spark or emotions.

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