Exclusive snaps of Angelina Jolie reveal the teenage years of a ‘rebellious’ and ‘non-conformist’ persona drawn towards the ‘darker side.’

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Never-before-seen photographs and personal letters have been revealed, shedding light on Angelina Jolie’s life before she reached stardom. DailyMail.com has obtained exclusive images and correspondence that offer a rare insight into the renowned actress’ wild teenage years in Beverly Hills. The pictures show the young Angelina, aged 14, enjoying pizza and drinks with her companions, relaxing in bed, and even posing in front of a graveyard. In her teenage years, the Oscar winner wrote to her closest friends about her hangovers, the kind of men she was attracted to, and her dysfunctional family relationships. Today, at 45, Angelina Jolie is known worldwide for her exceptional acting skills.

Never-seen-before pictures of Angelina Jolie during her teenage years have been obtained by DailyMail.com. Additionally, the website has also acquired letters that Jolie wrote to her closest friends during that time.

According to someone who knew Angie during her younger years, she was a defiant teenager who had a strong aversion towards the lifestyle of Beverly Hills.

An old acquaintance of Angie shared with DailyMail.com that they used to have wild parties together where they consumed alcohol, smoked cigarettes, and even took acid. They reminisced about taking spontaneous bus trips and exploring different places. The source, who prefers to remain anonymous, disclosed that they met Angie back in their middle school days at El Rodeo Middle School located in Los Angeles, California.

An anonymous source, who shared images and letters, revealed that they first met Angie during their time at El Rodeo Middle School in Los Angeles. The source mentioned that Angie was an eccentric and beautiful girl with an interest in the dark side. They claimed that she was a wild child who started drinking alcohol, taking acid, and smoking weed at an early age. Despite her rebellious nature, Angie was always generous, often lending money to friends and helping the homeless. According to the source, she remained charitable even at the age of 14, and it was no surprise that she later became an advocate for refugees worldwide. The source also added that Angie was anti-Beverly Hills and would often dress in black while partying with friends. They also mentioned that they didn’t care about driving fancy cars and would stand up for bullied students in school.

In a written correspondence, she disclosed that she had encountered her ideal partner. She referred to him as “Mr Perfect,” although she was uncertain of his name. Their kiss was memorable, but unfortunately, they would not cross paths again. She expressed anticipation for another night like their encounter once she returned.

Back in 1989, a 14-year-old girl named Angie was caught sharing her secrets through postcards. She wrote to her friend revealing her crush on a guy and how he wanted to work with her. The teen described the guy as someone perfect – tall, thin, black-haired, and living in a studio. However, no one knew about her attraction towards him, as it was her little secret.

Angie shared her excitement for her upcoming birthday and spending time with her friend in her writing. She mused about getting older and asked if her friend had already turned 17, wondering where time had gone.

During a conversation, she opened up about her troubled bond with her family. She expressed her desire to escape from them, saying that even a trip to New York wouldn’t suffice. She went on to say that she’d rather subject herself to an excruciating experience like lying naked in a pit filled with red ants than visiting her relatives.

On a postcard sent to her pals in August of 1989, the author mentioned being on a flight. She expressed surprise and frustration at having just started her menstrual cycle, lamenting that it seemed like typical bad luck. The writer went on to express how stir-crazy she was getting after three hours on the plane.

At the age of 16, Angie wrote a letter in 1991 where she pondered about the meaning of life. She expressed that nothing ever stays the same and she was grateful for it. Meanwhile, in 1989, Angie wrote a series of postcards to her friend discussing the men she was attracted to. One man she mentioned was a photographer who wanted to work with her, but she suspected he was gay. In another letter, she talked about meeting “Mr Perfect,” a great kisser whom she would never see again. Additionally, at the age of 14, Angie wrote a letter complaining of a hangover after a plane flight. According to a source, Angie’s mother arranged for her to take birth control at 15, which irritated Angie. She rebelled by not sleeping with her boyfriend and flushing the pills. The source noted that Angie had a strong-willed and resilient personality since they met when they were 13.

According to reports, Angie’s late mother Marcheline Bertrand had arranged for her daughter to start using birth control when she was only 15 years old, which reportedly didn’t sit well with the actress. The relationship between Angie and her father, Jon Voight, who is now 81 years old, has been fraught ever since he was unfaithful to Marcheline.

According to the insider, they had a great friendship with the person in question who was always a kind and lovely individual. What people fail to recognize is that despite their wild side, they were always involved in charitable acts. The insider even recalled a time when they hadn’t seen them for half a year, yet they still received financial assistance from them.

According to the informant, Angie had a fascination for the macabre and aspired to work in the funeral industry. She pursued this interest by attending classes on embalming.

During her teenage years, Angie was captured on camera posing in front of a cemetery. According to her childhood friend, Angie always had a fascination with death and suicide. However, her friend spoke highly of Marcheline, describing her as a “cool mom” who was lenient with their activities. Marcheline allowed them to hang out and drink at her house so she could keep track of their whereabouts. Nevertheless, the source disclosed that Angie’s relationship with her famous father, Jon Voight, had been strained since he cheated on Marcheline. In fact, the source claimed that Angie threw a computer her dad had given her out of her bedroom window in a fit of anger. Despite this, Marcheline did not get mad because she understood Angie’s resentment towards her father. In one of her letters, Angie expressed her disdain for visiting relatives in New York by saying she would rather lay naked in a pit full of red ants.

In this snapshot, the upcoming star is depicted as a young adolescent, comfortably relaxing on a sofa in the company of her buddies. They are indulging in some delicious pizza and sipping on beers, engrossed in a fun-filled atmosphere.

According to a source, she ventured into unconventional things that were against the norms of Beverly Hills. They would wear black clothing and believed they were rebels.

In this snapshot, Angie can be spotted chilling with a group of pals at a table overflowing with bottles of beer. She’s situated in the right-hand corner of the image, looking relaxed and content in good company.

Despite her unconventional upbringing, Angie became a successful actress with worldwide fame and a mother of six. Her upbringing had a lasting impact on her, as she never forgot her roots. According to a source, Angie’s fascination with death led her to pursue a career as a funeral director, and she even enrolled in an embalming course. She would often visit cemeteries and take pictures in front of them. At the age of 16, she questioned the meaning of life and wrote about it in a letter. Additionally, the source revealed that during her modeling career, Angie was asked to lose weight even though she was already thin and beautiful. Despite facing this pressure, Angie went on to achieve great success in her acting career.

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