“Dua Lipa Stuns in a Sparkling Pink Dress at Barbie Movie Premiere in London”

On Wednesday, Dua Lipa graced the UK premiere of Barbie in London and stole the show with her stunning outfit. The 27-year-old singer shone in a sheer rhinestone gown that glittered on the hot pink carpet. She completed her look with a quirky statement choker and matching earrings, which perfectly complemented the plunging neckline of her dress. Not only did she make a special appearance as Mermaid Barbie in the upcoming fantasy comedy movie, but she also contributed to the soundtrack. Her lead single, Dance The Night, was released a few months ago on May 25 and is sure to be a hit.

Stunning: Dua Lipa dazzled in a sheer rhinestone gown as she attended the star-studded UK premiere of Barbie in London on Wednesday

Dua Lipa looked absolutely amazing at the Barbie premiere in London on Wednesday, wearing a gorgeous rhinestone dress that left little to the imagination. The 27-year-old singer was the talk of the town with her stunning appearance at the star-studded event.

The singer, 27, looked sensational in the multicoloured number that shimmered under the lights on the hot pink carpet

As the London premiere of Barbie was held at Leicester Square, fans were thrilled to see the 27-year-old singer donning a striking multicoloured outfit that sparkled brightly under the bright lights. The atmosphere around the event was buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

Dua Lipa recently opened up about her experience of visiting a strip club with Lizzo. This topic has garnered attention from fans and media alike, with many curious to know more about their adventure.

Get ready to catch Barbie on the big screen as she makes her way to Imax theaters this fall. The iconic doll will be gracing audiences with her presence for a limited time of one week only. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to see Barbie in all her glory in Imax quality.

Alison Boshoff speculates if Vanessa Feltz has found love. The upcoming album will feature various music artists including Ava Max, Ice Spice, Lizzo, Nicki Minaj, and Billie Eilish. Ryan Gosling, who portrays Ken in the movie adaptation, will also contribute to the soundtrack with a track titled “I’m Just Ken.” Meanwhile, Margot, who stars as Barbie, has been occupied with a worldwide press tour alongside other cast members, making appearances in countries like Australia, South Korea, and Mexico.

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The Nevermind album cover by Nirvana has been voted as the most iconic of all time. Greta Gerwig, who directed previous films such as Little Women and Lady Bird, took on the role of director for an upcoming fantasy comedy and co-wrote the screenplay with Noah Baumbach. The Barbie movie features Margot, Ryan, and Dua, along with other notable actors, and has a budget of $100 million. It follows the journey of Barbie and Ken as they venture into the real world to discover true happiness. Filming began in 2022 at Warner Bros. Studios in England with some outdoor shots taken in Los Angeles. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Greta mentioned that Margot felt self-conscious while filming a scene in Venice Beach. Dua Lipa expressed her desire to wear the Barbie Mermaid outfit.

Glam: She accessorised the plunging neckline with a quirky, statement choker and a matching pair of earrings

With a plunging neckline, Glam added some quirky style to her look by accessorizing it with a statement choker and a matching set of earrings. See the photos in the gallery above.

Working the cameras: Dua posed up a storm for the camera in the plunging gown

“Viewing the gallery will give you access to 15 additional photos.”

Dressed up: She slicked her hair back into a high ponytail

Dua Lipa confidently struck poses in a stunning low-cut gown, captivating the camera with her presence. She exuded elegance and grace as she worked her magic for the photoshoot.

Talented: Along with making a special cameo appearance as Mermaid Barbie, Dua also had the chance to make music for the Barbie soundtrack

Dua Lipa, the talented singer, recently made a special appearance as Mermaid Barbie and also got the opportunity to create music for the Barbie soundtrack. In a recent interview, she spoke about her experience of making a song for the new Barbie film.

Barbie and Ken: Margot, who tackled the leading role of Barbie, has recently been kept busy on a global press tour with Ryan Gosling

Margot, who played the main character of Barbie, has been occupied with a worldwide press trip alongside Ryan Gosling, according to reports. Additionally, there are pictures of the duo available in the gallery above.

Grinning: Dua smiled as she took selfies with fans

With a big smile on her face, Dua happily snapped some selfies with her fans. The mood was relaxed and joyful as everyone enjoyed the moment. It was a beautiful sight to see and a reminder of the simple pleasures in life.

On cloud nine: She beamed for photos

Feeling ecstatic: Her face lit up for the camera as she posed.

Plastic fantastic: Barbie will officially hit theaters later this month on July 21, the same day Christopher Nolan's historical epic drama, Oppenheimer, also releases

The highly anticipated movie adaptation of Barbie will be released on July 21, the same day as Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. In a teaser for the film, Ryan Gosling was seen playing Ken alongside Margot Robbie as Barbie. During filming on Venice Beach, Gosling received praise and high-fives from passersby who barely acknowledged Robbie. Director Greta Gerwig admitted that she wanted to protect Robbie from this exposure but knew that it was necessary for the scene. Gosling himself expressed discomfort with his outfit, but it was not the same as what Robbie experienced. Barbie is set to premiere later this month alongside Oppenheimer.

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