“Barbie Star Ryan Gosling’s Suspended for Sharing Dangerous Interests with Angelina Jolie and Terrifying Classmates: My Rambo Moment”

Ryan Gosling is known for his unique acting style and magnetic on-screen presence, which has gained him the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s top directors. He has recently received rave reviews for his portrayal of Ken in Greta Gerwig’s latest film, a 2023 American fantasy comedy called Barbie.
Gosling has a diverse range of acting skills that he has demonstrated in numerous blockbuster hits in different genres. His hard work and professionalism have earned him the status of an A-list celebrity, and his films have grossed millions at the box office. However, despite his success, the Canadian actor had a rocky start to his career.
Interestingly, Gosling shares a fascination with knives with actress Angelina Jolie. He once disclosed that he was diagnosed with ADHD during his childhood and even got suspended from school after bringing a knife to scare his classmates.
In a recent interview, Ryan Gosling opened up about the reason behind his suspension from school.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling, a mesmerizing actor who has captivated audiences with his phenomenal acting skills, is now considered one of the top-tier actors in the world. Throughout the years, he has been part of several fascinating films that have become fan-favorites. However, before making it big in Hollywood, the actor had to endure numerous challenges and hardships. In one interview, Gosling shared a peculiar anecdote about his knife obsession, similar to Angelina Jolie’s. He revealed that he once brought a knife to school to scare his classmates, resulting in a suspension.

Ryan Gosling

In an interview, Ryan Gosling, known for his role in Blue Valentine, shared a childhood memory that had a significant impact on him. He recalled watching Rambo: First Blood, which made him believe he was Sylvester Stallone’s character. As a result, he put steak knives in his Fisher Price Houdini kit and threw them at his peers during recess, resulting in a justified suspension. His parents then restricted his movie choices to Bible and National Geographic films. Gosling joked about hitting a kid with a blow dart the following week, but it was untrue. Gosling faced challenges growing up, including a turbulent relationship with his divorced parents and ADHD. Interestingly, he shares a love for knives with Angelina Jolie.

Ryan Gosling and Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, like Ryan Gosling, has a fascination with knives that has intrigued fans over the years. The Hollywood beauty’s passion for knives started because of her late mother, who taught her how to handle them carefully. Jolie revealed that she has an exclusive collection of rare antique knives from different countries, rather than brand-new sharp ones. However, her obsession with these sharp objects took a turn for the worse when she became self-destructive as a teenager. She even had a night where she and her partner attacked each other with knives. Jolie’s son Maddox also developed an interest in daggers at a young age, and the actress has stated that she wants her kids to learn how to handle knives too. This has sparked controversy many times.

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