Angelina Jolie on Her Upcoming Cleopatra Film: “She Won’t be a Conventional Sex Symbol”

According to Jolie, her portrayal of the Egyptian Queen will be distinct from Elizabeth Taylor’s performance.

According to recent reports, Angelina Jolie has denied claims that she will portray Cleopatra as simply a “Sex symbol” in her upcoming role as the iconic Egyptian Queen in the movie “Cleopatra: A Life”. The Oscar-winning actress is set to take on the lead role in this highly anticipated biopic.

According to the Telegraph, Jolie has clarified that her portrayal of Cleopatra will not be similar to Elizabeth Taylor’s famous depiction of her as a stunning beauty. Jolie believes that Cleopatra was often misunderstood and wants to showcase her as a strong mother, multilingual speaker, and influential leader.

Compared to Elizabeth’s stunning performance, mine will never be as impressive. However, our goal is to uncover a different aspect of her character – that of a historical pharaoh rather than just a sex symbol, which is inaccurate. It’s possible that the rumors of her having multiple lovers were exaggerated and she may have only had two. While she wasn’t necessarily considered a great beauty, she remains a fascinating figure in history. Jolie has expressed a desire for David Fincher, director of The Social Network, to take on the project, although Paul Greengrass from the Bourne series is currently the leading contender. There have also been rumors linking James Cameron to the job.

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