Angelina Jolie Empowers Women through “Women for Bees” Program on International Women’s Day in Mexico

Angelina Jolie marked International Women’s Day in Mexico by introducing the “Women for Bees” initiative. This non-profit venture aims to protect the Mayan civilization’s bees, which are currently on the verge of extinction. These bees are one of the oldest breeds in existence, making their preservation vital.

Angelina Jolie

Jolie’s pictures depict her wearing a white dress among other women who are also donned in white. The group of ladies is pictured in a circular formation, engaging in conversations. The initiative “Women for Bees” aims to not only safeguard the bees and the surroundings but also to empower the local women through their work and educate them on how to nurture the endangered species.

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The images depict Angelina Jolie donning a pristine white dress, amidst a group of women all garbed in the same color. They were seated in a circular formation and caught engaging in a discussion.

Angelina Jolie

The “Women for Bees” initiative serves a dual purpose of safeguarding the bees and the ecosystem while also empowering women in the area by providing them with work opportunities and education on how to protect these endangered species. Angelina Jolie participated in the project by sharing a video of herself and her daughters, Shiloh and Zahara, cutting their hair to contribute strands to the art project.

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Jolie shared about her friend Prune Nourry’s inspiring art project aimed at supporting the courageous women in Iran who are fighting for their rights. She also mentioned that her family is participating in the project, which involves sending a lock of hair before February 25th. Everyone is welcome to join and show solidarity with the cause.

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