“A Touching Moment: Gal Gadot’s Inspiring Words of Hope to a Young Superfan Battling Muscular Dystrophy”

Carmela Chillery Watson and her mother, Lucy, recently completed an incredible challenge to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK. The mother-daughter duo dressed up as Wonder Woman and walked a kilometer every day for 30 days. This was no small feat, given that Carmela has LMNA Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic disorder that gradually weakens the muscles. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Carmela’s father, Darren, has been living in a shed to keep her safe from the virus.

During the challenge, actress Gal Gadot, who played Wonder Woman in the movie, sent words of encouragement to Carmela on social media, referring to her as her “real wonder girl.” This gesture lifted Carmela’s spirits and provided her with the motivation to continue pushing forward. On a recent episode of The One Show, Carmela expressed her gratitude to Gadot for inspiring her to stay determined and continue with her exercises despite her condition. Gadot was touched by Carmela’s heartfelt words, which were spoken from her Wonder Woman-themed bedroom.

Strong girls! Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot struggled to hold back tears when a superfan , 6, with muscular dystrophy called Carmela told her on The One Show, 'you've helped me to fight'

During her appearance on The One Show, Gal Gadot, the renowned actress who played Wonder Woman in the movie, was brought to tears by a touching encounter with a six-year-old fan named Carmela. As a result of Gal’s portrayal of the superhero, Carmela, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, was able to find strength and inspiration. This emotional moment underscores the significance of positive representation and the ability of inspiring characters to make a difference.

Carmela said: 'You helped me fight on, living with muscular dystrophy and you inspired me to do my exercises... You helped me and other children have hope'

Carmela took the time to thank the person who supported her in her battle with muscular dystrophy and urged her to keep up with her exercises. She also expressed her sincere appreciation for the contribution made to her Wonder Woman walk, which not only helped her but also other children who were facing similar situations by giving them hope. Gal, a mother of two daughters who is promoting the new Wonder Woman film, was deeply touched by Carmela’s words. She felt fortunate to be able to inspire and empower young girls like Carmela, giving them the courage to persevere through tough times. Gal was impressed by Carmela’s determination and saw her as a true Wonder Woman who never gave up and fought against all odds.

Becoming emotional, Gal, a mother of two daughters, who is promoting sequel Wonder Woman 1984, said: 'That's made my day. It's the best'

Gal was overwhelmed with emotions while promoting the movie Wonder Woman 1984. As a mother of two daughters, she expressed her happiness and excitement by saying, “That has really brightened up my day. It’s simply incredible!”

Iconic: Gal pictured as Wonder Woman in the new movie, Wonder Woman 1984, which is slated for release on Wednesday

The long-awaited arrival of Wonder Woman 1984 is just around the corner, featuring the talented actress Gal Gadot as the iconic heroine. For Carmela, this movie holds a special place in her heart because she has a personal connection with Wonder Woman. Carmela was diagnosed with LMNA Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic condition that causes a gradual reduction in muscle strength and functionality, back in 2017. Nonetheless, Carmela refused to let this condition bog her down. She even found a way to make a difference by dressing up as Wonder Woman and raising funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK. Together with her mother Lucy, Carmela walked one kilometer each day for 30 days. Their fundraising endeavors didn’t go unnoticed, as Gal Gadot tweeted about Carmela, calling her the “real wonder girl” only nine days into the challenge.

What an achievement: In September, Carmela walked a kilometre a day for 30 days dressed as Wonder Woman with her mother Lucy, to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK

Wow, this is amazing news! Carmela and her mother Lucy have done something truly extraordinary by dressing up as Wonder Woman and walking one kilometer every day for 30 days straight. Their aim was to raise awareness and support for Muscular Dystrophy UK, and their unwavering dedication towards this cause is truly inspiring. They deserve a round of applause for their incredible efforts!

Nine days into the challenge, Gal tweeted that Carmela was her 'real wonder girl'.

After completing a nine-day challenge, Gal took to Twitter to praise Carmela as her “real wonder girl.” Muscular dystrophy is an inherited genetic condition that leads to gradual muscle weakening and disability, which can ultimately be life-threatening. Though many symptoms can be managed with treatment, there is still no cure for MD. Gal generously donated £3,442 to Carmela’s fundraising campaign, helping her surpass her initial goal of £6,000 and raising almost £15,000. Muscular Dystrophy UK’s CEO Catherine Woodhead expressed her gratitude toward the Wonder Woman cast for their continued support. The funds raised will contribute significantly to research into treatments and cures for people with muscle-wasting conditions. Gal shared that only her eldest daughter, Alma, watched her first WW movie, while her youngest, Maya, has yet to see it. Despite the challenges of filming the sequel, Gal performed most of her stunts herself. Access Carmela’s fundraising page on JustGiving.

'It was laborious': Talking about the sequel, Gal, who was in the Israeli army for a couple of years, said she does most of her stunts herself

Gal discussed the challenges of creating a sequel to her movie and how it required significant exertion. Additionally, she shared that she takes part in most of the action scenes as a result of her experience serving in the Israeli military for a period.

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